Latest Releases

Below are listed the latest items to arrive at C&M Models

9th August 2018    
Dapol4F-090-0099-Plank N.E. Loco Coal Open£11.60£10.45
Dapol4F-090-0109-Plank N.E. Loco Coal Open, Weathered£12.65£11.40
Modelscene5005Phone Box/Caller £4.75
Modelscene5044Post Boxes £5.50
Modelscene5047Yard Lamps £6.25
Modelscene5048Platform Accessories £5.50
Modelscene5049Platform Signage £6.75
Modelscene5050Speed Restriction Signs £5.50
Roco73830NS Class 1200 electric, Grey/Yellow Livery, Era IV£265.00£210.00
Roco76975Wascosa 4-Axle Gas Tanker (Re-stock)£29.50£25.40
3rd August 2018    
Dapol – OO4F-020-027BR Cattle Wagon – Twin Pack£22.66£20.40
Dapol – OO4F-020-031BR Cattle Wagon£10.71£9.65
HornbyR8117TTS Sound Decoder – Princess Coronation£41.99£37.80
LS Models10052SNCF BB22400+BB22400, TU+TTU, as used through the Channel Tunnel, Grey/Orange Livery with yellow front £423.40
LS Models10435SNCF BB22200 electric, Grey/Orange livery, Sud-Est, Era IV £214.80
LS Models10436SNCF BB22200 electric, Grey/Blue Bandeau Livery, Era VI £214.80
LS Models40327SNCF Express Nord 3-coach pack: B4D+B11+B11, Green Livery, Era III £192.40
PecoCAT-42018 Catalogue £4.95
Realtrack156-112(First) ScotRail 2-car Class 156, ‘Barbie’ Livery [Re-stock] £230.00
Realtrack156-114(First) ScotRail 2-car Class 156, ‘Saltire’ Livery [Re-stock] £230.00